Stocking Stuffers Slots

Stocking Stuffers is a holiday themed slot game that's designed to look and feel like a classic slot game while getting you in the mood for Christmas. The slot is a mix of holiday symbols like presents and the game symbol, and classic symbols like the iconic 7's and BAR symbols. Overall the feel of the game is of a classic holiday slot, and it looks promising. That's why we put together a review of the slot. Read through the review to get an idea of what you can expect from the game and to help you decide if you want to play it or not.

Low Stakes Wagering Options

Low stakes gamblers absolutely love the options available for wagering while playing Stocking Stuffers. That's because they can risk as little as $0.03 per spin by adjusting the settings carefully. That's very little money and will stretch just about any bankroll out. While playing the slot game you are free to wager as much as $15.00 per spin as well if you want to risk a bit more money as you gamble. Even at that level the game is still friendly to lower stakes gamblers, it just offers players better payouts and can result in some good solid wins.

Powerful Wilds

Even though Stocking Stuffers has a pretty simple layout and doesn't pack in too many features, this slot offers some impressive prizes thanks in large part to the wild symbols. The 5x wilds can result in huge prizes and will really help to improve the play experience overall. Getting two wilds alongside a standard symbol will result in a prize payout worth 25x the standard amount. Wilds are very powerful, and also the key to unlocking the jackpot of this slot.

High Paying Potential

It's possible to get a payout worth 7,500 coins from a single win in Stocking Stuffers if you are able to get three wild symbols all on the central payline. That's a prize worth as much as $22,500 if you have a maximum wager in place when you win the grand prize. That's a good amount of cash and a prize that most gamblers would gladly celebrate. Even if you don't manage to unlock the top prize, you can still win substantial payouts from this slot game using wilds to trigger those big wins. That's exactly why you'll want to keep spinning the reels and going for those big winning combinations.

More Fun From the Bonus Round

Stocking Stuffers isn't a really feature-rich slot game, but it does have a few nice features to keep things interesting. One of those features is a special bonus round. The bonus is triggered by getting a Christmas present. Get the present on the payline and you're taken to the bonus round. During that round you're asked to pick one of the available options. The selection that you make determines the instant prize payout that you get. Choose carefully and you could end up with a nice prize payouts.

Stocking Stuffers looks like a classic slot game, but it comes with a couple added features to make the gameplay a bit more exciting. It offers a good balance with simple gameplay mechanics and a bit of fun mixed in. The multiplier wilds and the bonus round will give you something to look forward to every time you spin the reels, and that's exactly why we like the slot game and why we recommend it to other gamblers as well.