Super Market Slots

Super Market Slots actually isn’t the only game about grocery shopping in the slot world! We were surprised to see so many of them, but this is the one that started it all, and likely our favorite of the bunch. Good in its own right, and kept cooled at just the right temperature, it’s ready for anyone to pickup if they’re interested in a good time!

Premise of this Fine Game

The premise of this one is is... grocery shopping! Spoilers! As a satire, it works well, and you’ll love playing it because of that.

Presentation in this Fine Game

Graphics in this one are really well made. Like our groceries, it’s all kept crispy, coherent, colorful, and entirely awesome to look at. It is a strange thing in a slot machine about super market shopping that it has higher production art than most games on the internet, but here we are now with it.

We really like what they did with the art style here, being a lot more on the realistic bend but still having design sense to keep things interesting.

Gameplay Mechanics in this Fine Game

Gameplay here is really good. Being at 5 reels and 20 pay lines, nothing’s novel, but it’s a well done classic game in that respect. The bonus mode is called the Super Market Bonus mode, which is not a very original title for it, but it plays well and pays us very well.

Betting here rolls from a penny to at most $10, topping out at around $270. This is a big deal, and unexpected given the premise of this one.

Liked About this Fine Game

+ Premise and motif + Production art + Gameplay + Jackpot

Disliked About this Fine Game

- Too old school - Addicting

Conclusion - Is Super Market Slots Worth a Purchase?

The bottom line is that this game is one of the oddest ideas of all time. It’s a slot about grocery going. After playing it for a spell, we wouldn’t have it in any other way. There isn’t much to fault about this well made casino game. Anyone with some sense should try it, as it’s a classic in the slot genre in our books.

We never thought we’d be saying that regarding a game named after a Super Market, but here we are in the wonderful times we live in.