Tailgate Blitz Slots

There are plenty of football games out there, whether they are in the online slot world or not. People have taken the time to render all of the players wonderfully, all of it tends to look very decent, and we tend to have a fun time with those games. Tailgate Blitz slot game takes a very different approach, however, focusing on us fans ourselves, and in a way we find very endearing, and absolutely lovely to look at! If you have ever been to a tailgate party, this game is for you, and anyone else that is interested in the sort of culture that surrounds them.

This game has a very large production budget, evidence by the 3-D renderings that look good enough to be in an animated series. There are also a large number of pay lines, and everything in general plays out like it was a highly polished experience. Although the Super Bowl only comes around once a year, this game will come around as often as you would like, and pay out even more often if your luck is in favor of that day!

Anyone that is a fan of fantasy football, beer partys surrounding big games, and anything of that nature will have a smile on their face the entire time they are playing this game. We ourselves are not particularly large football fans, but even we had a very good time with this one, and found ourselves smiling all the way. We recommend it to anyone, even if you're not a sports fan, or are actively disappointed with the way your team is playing at the time!

What You Can Expect

Going into this one, you would expect to see something very similar to most of the other football games on the market. None of those games are bad, but we have to admit that they all kind of look the same. Once you have seen players on the green enough times, it all sort of blends together. Even if you only managed to see screenshots of this game and never sit down to play it, however, you will probably go to your grave never having forgotten it. It's the only game about tailgate parties we can really think of, and the way that it was done was clearly made by someone that enjoys them!

Creativity is the main thing this game has going for it. They even have barbecue grills making up the suits of playing cards, and the actual food and footballs on a barbecue itself, right on the field! This is complete with characters that look like the typical bro you would expect to enjoy this sort of game, and it all has a very nice tone to it that pervades every aspect of it.

In addition to that and the inherent creativity that is plastered all over the game, you can also expect the usual find that you will have from anything by wager gaming. This includes betting amounts that are accessible to everyone, as well as very simple bonus modes, and modest amounts for your maximum bets.

What They Could Have Improved

Despite all that we have liked about the game, they clearly could have changed a few things that would have made it all the more better. One of these things is the glaring at mission of the progressive jackpot, which is a strange thing to give them that football fans themselves are somewhat interested in that for their teams! There is also the fact that a large number of the symbols you will be matching our suits of playing cards. As we said, these look playful and inventive here, and we do enjoy them for that reason. It's still would have been better to have more of the creativity present elsewhere, however, in every image on the reels.

We also wish they would have raise the max betting amount. $100 is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but for fans that are used to betting quite more than that on just one game, it would have been nice if we could have gone a little riskier with one of our spins.

General Style and Presentation

The game itself, as we have already gotten about at length, looks absolutely wonderful. It is a very comedic experience that doesn't take itself very seriously, and pokes fun at every aspect that football fans experience any time they play or experience a game. That is the main draw of the game, which unfortunately doesn't quite extend into the additional features, but is there and appreciated nonetheless.

The graphics themselves are very good, although they look like 3-D renderings that were made by someone that had only done it once before. The designs of the characters are good, and all of the ideas are playful and amazing. The actual textures on the faces, however, look like they were from stock computer programs, and it all lacks that professional polish that you would see in a more experienced three modeler.

Summing Up the Game

Tailgate Blitz Slots is a game that has more creativity then you'll see in almost any slot on the market, and gameplay that matches. Although there aren't any crazy progressive jackpots or anything of that time, there is quite a bit to keep you interested, no matter what kind of player you are. We can tell that they had a fun time making this one, and for that reason, it is important to us as players when we play it. Even if you only have a single penny to your name right now, you can put that into this game and have a wonderful time that will increase your odds of doubling up. From there, the skies the limit, much like the hopes, dreams, and expectations of your average football fan!