Tiki Lounge Slots

Tiki Lounge Slots
This is an odd game all around that comes together well enough to play, but not well enough to hold your interest. If you have some time and an itch to scratch, however, it’s well suited to that!


The premise of Tiki Lounge slot game is something along the lines of being at a lounge on the beach near a strange Island or something. We’re not entirely privy to what’s afoot, which is a sore point we have with this slot. We’ve seen similarly themed slots done before and they worked just fine. Here, everything feels half finished and poorly made, making for an oddly bland time that we only kept up with because our wallets wouldn’t stop inflating from it!


Graphics in the game are okay, albeit eerie around the edges. Everything is crisp, clean, colorful, and compelling to gaze at. The tiki looks good and the lady at the bar looks kinda hot too. There’s a bar tender that appears kinda creepy, however, which when added with the ambiguity of the rest of the premise, makes us feel strange the longer we sit with this game. We actually started laughing at one point when we matched him, as the creep himself would roll back around and we’d be both looking forward to and lamenting a chance to see him again. We think it’s the brows. They’re a bit much!


Gameplay here is fine, despite what we’ve said about all the rest of it. At only 5 reels and 25 pay lines, there is nothing that will surprise you, but it’s fun.

Betting here shifts from a penny to $10. Max bets tap out at $250, far higher than similar slots.

There aren’t really bonus modes but you get free spins, which is great, as most bonus modes amount to free spins and multipliers no matter what they call them.


+ Betting is accessible + Solid and classic styling + Decent winnings


- Theme not well implemented - Creepy bar guy


This is a slot that could have been good but manages to merely be average with a side of creepy that comes in from time to time here and there. If you’re primarily interested in winnings, you will like this game. You may also like it if you understand the theme in a way that’s clearly eluded us. Still, we can recommend giving this a try because you’re already here. What have you got to give? There’s nothing but money to be had here!