Treasure Trail Slots

If you like money and classic slots, Treasure Trail slot game combines both in a fun and refreshing way that’ll have you playing for days and winning along the way!

The Premise of This Game

The premise of this game is being a classic Vegas pastime. This is both the highlight and downpoint of the game. It is a game and the titular things are what you will be matching on the reels, looking just like a classic casino outings you would find in a a hotel on the Strip. It is simple, to the money, impossible not to get, and in some ways cleverly done. Let it be known, what you see is what you get here, so if you do not like what you see in the screens, know there isn’t much more to it than what you can see featured there.

Presentation in This Game

We think the graphics in this game are wonderful. The look of it all is clean, crisp, and mostly compelling, making you feel pretty great when you look at it, and it all fits together pretty wonderfully. Some people will find the style of the game trying to be an old time casino slot with modern ways of playing to be refreshing. Other people may find it a little too ‘done before’ for their tastes. We personally loved all of it, and found ourselves respecting the inherent honesty of the game, but to each their tastes. The graphical models in particular came out mostly okay, which is not something we can say for many casino games currently out there on the market right now.

Mechanics in This Game

This game risks nothing here when it comes to how you’ll be playing. With only the low number of 3 reels, there is nothing to figure out, and nothing to get in the way of winning. There are no bonus arenas or flying cats or make believe stories to fight through, only good times had with the company of a nice way of paying the bills. This is part of the game’s charm, so we are okay with that aspect. There is a great purse in store that is usually in clear view as well, which ever wets your greedy tooth with every spin.

Like About This Game

+ Classic layout + Some parts look decent + Jackpot

Dislike About This Game

- Standard - Not new - Average look

Conclusion — Should You Invest in This Game?

Treasure Trail Slots is a great time that does little to keep you from playing and winning in rapid fire all night long. Doing away with motifs and elements at times found in other slots of this kind, this is a casino game that gets to the point, does so with gusto, and rewards players with a big win for the time spent trying to get it. If you are new to casinos online, looking for an openly playable way of getting into them, or are a vet that is done with typical slots that only get in the way of their winnings, this is a slot made just for you. We really liked our time invested here, and recommend it to players no matter their tastes. If you like what you see, you are in for a great time, gold and such included!