Triple Flamin 7's Slots

For lovers of money and fire, Triple Flamin 7s slot game will have you hunting the hottest of 7’s and winning lots of money. It’s hot, classic, and available to play right now!


The premise of this blazing game is winning lots of money on the internet—fiery hot money! This is both the charm and limit of the featured theme. It decided to be a slot and the titular hot colors are what you are aiming to match together, looking just like an old time slot in Vegas right now. It is simple, impossible to pull yourself apart from, and in some ways very fiery for that and other reasons we’ll get to. Let it be known, that what you see is what you will get in this blazing red slot game, so if you do not like what you see above this writing, know there is not much more to it than what’s shown, which is by the game’s intentional and high temperature design.


The graphics in this blazing hot game are pretty well made. Everything is well handled in a fittingly high temperature way. The look of it all is crisp to the point of crisping, clearly shows they cared about the fire of the 7s, it’s clever, and compellingly produced. Some people will find the overall aesthetic of the flaming elements a refreshing addition to the cold graphics of the genre itself. Other people may find it a little too seering for their tastes. We personally enjoyed all of what we found and what it looked like in the fire atop the slot, and found ourselves appreciating the inherent blaze here, but to each their tastes on this.


They kept things blazing when it comes to the fiery gameplay. With only around 3 individual reels that feature fiery hot colors, there is nothing to learn to do here, and nothing to have to see to figure your way through or over. There are no bonus events or flying matches or make believe gibberish to trudge your way through, only good spins made in the searing light of an online payout experience fit for all pyros and troubled minds. This is part of this one’s overall goal, so we are thoroughly in love with of all that part of it.


+ Graphics + Winnings + Decent theme


- Needs more fire


This is a carefully made slot for pyro fan that does not a single thing to keep you from playing and winning a ton, offering blazing bouts of winning time and again. Ridding itself of chilling themes and pretention found in other outings of this fiery kind, this is a masterpiece of a slot that runs right to the heart of the theme itself, does so with gusto, and rewards us each with decent pay for the trouble spent trying to get those hot and searing 7’s. If you are new to these sorts of games, looking for a very accessible place to begin, or are a true red hot player that is sick of oddly themed casino outings that only get in the way of all the high temperature winning that could be done, this is made just for players like you with that fire in their bellies!