Triple Gold Slots

We love classic slots, and this is one of the better ones, albeit a little barebones, even for us. If you like the original slots that started it all, and love money, Triple Gold’s for you!


The premise of this game is thankfully winning lots of money—online gold! This is both the charm and limit of the direction they took, for better or worse. It decided to be a slot and the titular elements are what you are aiming to match when you spin, not much more to it than that.


The imagery in this fine game are decently well done. Everything has good production values. The look of it all is crisp, clearly shows care, it’s clean, and compelling. Some people will find the overall aesthetic of the style refreshingly simple. Other people may find it a little too drab for their particular sensibilities. We personally enjoyed all of it and what it looked like, and found ourselves appreciating the inherent simplicity of it, but to each their tastes. The game’s art and graphics in particular came out pretty decent too, which is not something we can say for many games of this kind currently on the internet as we type.


They kept things tame when it comes to mechanics and spinning. With only around 3 individual areas in the reels, there is nothing to learn to play, and nothing to have to look around trying to navigate your mind over. There are no bonus outings or flying caterpillars or make believe gags to fight your way through, only good spins made in the company of an online jackpot money maker. This is part of this one’s overall intent, so we are okay with all of what they did there. There is a nice bank of winnings in store which are always in clear view alongside all the rest of this, harkening back to the old and early jackpot machines that many a player now has long since left behind.


+ Very newbie friendly + Jackpots + Gold


- Simplistic gameplay - Premise elements - Graphics


This is a meticulously made and very playable game that does not a thing to keep you from playing a bunch and winning it all, offering fierce bouts of that one after another. Ridding itself of thematic elements and pretentious ornamentation at times found in other outings of this kind, this is a masterpiece that spins right to the heart of this trope itself, does so well, and rewards us each with many a dollar for the trouble spent trying. If you are new to these sorts of online games, looking for an easily accessible entry into this world, or are a time tested player that is sick of oddly themed casinos around here that only get in the way of all the winning you could be doing, this is an art piece made just for people with your values. Any time we gave it a solid go of it, we felt thoroughly compelled to win that jackpot hanging over our very heads, which is not usually the case with more complex things of this caliber. Spin, play, and love it!