Vegas Party Slots

The fun of Vegas, the money in your pocket, and drinks that area cheap. This game has it all, and competes with Vegas for a good way to win some money!


The premise of this slot is classic Vegas times. It’s the strip, to be frank. You likely figured that, but we will clear it up right away for you. It combines many elements from the famous night life out there that goes all day, and puts it in a neon slot frittata on a mobile screen for you to feast on. It is a nice way to give credit to how casinos all got started, as when we play these, we look back to our days in old time Vegas which got us hooked on slots way back.


Graphics in Vegas Party Slots are mostly good, and we have little complaints there. The use of the neons and all other bright things, however, is overbearing if you have delicate tastes.

The cards you’ll find in particular are a bit much, but we still liked most everything else, even though it all is likely guilty of the overly vivid plague. It is like a strobe light sparked into you in game form.


Gameplay here is akin to the old Vegas times, which is apt given the motif. Being 5 reels and 20 pay lines total, it does not one thing different on that front. The bonus mode is called The Vegas Party Slots Bonus Game, which we give an award for least and laziest naming scheme ever, but it padded out our bank accounts with multipliers, free spins, and so on, so we welcome and enjoy it.

Betting here jumps from a penny to $5. Maximum bets tip out at $125, which is about average for a slot like this one.


+ Classic and well done motif + Solidly executed play styles + Decent and varied winnings


- So very vivid looking - Gameplay here is old and done - Mind bogglingly fun


This is a great slot set on the Vegas landscape that you can play even if you’re stone cold drunk. You can choose to be sober we guess, but we feel being mostly drunk in Vegas is required. If you love classic games, Vegas, and winning a bunch, this game takes that enthusiasm which started an industry and spins it into a fine take on a slot. If not, you would likely be better off investing in a more subdued game that we ourselves would not enjoy quite as much, which means we cannot be friends.