Wataa Slots

Flying like a ninja star, we hit the jackpot. Winnings.

Our Haiku skills aside, this is a quick and dirty Japanese game made by white people that had no idea what they’re doing, and will fill your heart and wallet up for that reason!


The premise of this game is Asian’s ninjas. They added in some minor elements here and there, but that’s the basics of it, as seen through the lens of a somewhat racist fan that clearly doesn’t know too much about the source culture itself. It’s right on the line of poor taste in the same way Adam Sandler’s films played with similar themes. The whole thing is akin to watching a Western take on a far East Asian genre that becomes a spoof of what may have otherwise become an entirely normal slot that held no import for more than a minute.


This game really isn’t all that pretty. It’s mostly a partial reskin that was slapped together around a quirky theme. It’s still good for that reason, as it’s akin to a bad Movie making you chuckle when you can see the wires on the leads as they do their action moves.

There is clear evidence of it being copied and pasted here, which we’re not big fans of, but it’s not as bad as some of the other slots in this genre. Still, it gets to us a bit, unless we’re on a big winning streak.


Gameplay here is mostly standard. The rest is clearly not, which makes for an odd combination of things. It’s only 5 reels and 25 pay lines with plenty of jackpots and the usual elements you’d expect. Bets fly at a penny all the way up to the total of $10, making this on the average range on that front.

Liked About This Game

+ Fun motif + Asian looks are so bad they’re kinda cute + Tongue in bowl humor + Pace of play is as quick as a ninja star + Paid out really well

Disliked About This Game

- Low grade art - Time sunk here doesn’t come back - Mildly ethnically incorrent

Conclusion - Watch Out for Wataa Slots!

This is a well made slot that succeeds in most of what it sets out to do and does not usually disappoint. We can easily recommend this game one to anyone, provided you enjoy winning money here on the internet!