Black Gold Rush Slots

Black Gold Rush is bad for the environment, but great for your wallet! If you’re okay with that, as we all secretly are, then hop on and win big with it!

Premise of the Slot

The premise of the slot is power, mostly from the old oil rush, but nuclear plants and electrical things are thrown in there as well for some reason. Power sources overall are the main idea, oil being the biggest one. It’s odd, and very fitting, but it works, and it works quite unexpectedly!

Presentation in the Slot

Graphics in this one are really good. Everything is clever, clean despite the theme, colorful, and compelling to see. The color scheme is very fitting and nice, which isn’t a look we see too frequently but rubs us in just the right spots. Iconic imagery rounds out the entirety of the slot, all looking good and golden in fitting ways. Even the background looks really great, everything coming together really well and having visual imagination.

If you don’t like this one, it won’t be because of the ways it appears!

Gameplay Mechanics in the Slot

Gameplay here is wonderful. At only 5 reels and 50 pay lines, it’s obviously familiar, but that works for anyone looking for money!

Betting here goes from just one penny to $5 a coin, capping out at low to moderate amounts, which you wouldn’t expect for a game about making it rich!

Liked About the Slot

+ Motif + Look + Pacing + Winnings

Disliked About the Slot

- Tycoon like - Recycled - Addicting

Conclusion - Will You Enjoy This One?

This is an unexpectedly quaint slot that uses energy as the sole source of theme to light up your casino going antics with good wins and solid pacing. It won’t blow you away with the style of it, but there are 50 pay lines, which is usually unheard of around here and always keeps things strategic and very refreshing.

If you have played a lot of these, you’ll really appreciate what this one has to give you. If not, it’s also a great entry into the casino genre in general, offering something for almost anyone we can think of. If you’re still reading, put an end to it! Go play it now. And as always, be sure to let us know what you liked about the game!