Coconut Grove Slots

For those of us that would love nothing more than to win some money and chill on a beach with drinks, this game delivers, and is a fine choice for all occasions!

Premise of this Fine Slot

The premise of Coconut Grove slots game is chilling on a beach drinking alcohol out of a plant cup as your cares and worries melt down in a sea of money the game is no doubt intent on bringing to your wallet. It’s a nice, calm diversion from what games can sometimes get to in terms of high stakes and orcs and all else. It’s the business man’s version of Buddhism.

Presentation in this Fine Slot

Graphics in the game are great. Everything is nutty, clear, colorful, and compelling to see. Things like quirky and tattoo’d background is fittingly refreshing. Our main concern here is the UI, which does little to be up to snuff compared to all else. It isn’t bad, but it doesn’t show off the same level of care and charm as the rest of it clearly got, much to the game’s calm credit.

Gameplay Mechanics in this Fine Slot

Gameplay here is standard despite the motif being outlandish. At only 3 reels and 1 pay line, it is very old school, which you’ll love or hate.

Betting here goes from a penny to a $10 bill, all the way up to $50.

Liked About this Fine Slot

+ Nice style + Good images + Solid and classic reel mechanics + Decent jackpot potential

Disliked About this Fine Slot

- Background’s crap. Horrible! - Gameplay is very old and done before - Really addictive in a bad way

Conclusion - Should You Play Coconut Grove Slots?

This Fine Slot is a calm diversion from the usual anxiety that most slots latch onto that managed to be fun and innovative in many ways we find make it a great time to play. It pays well, plays decently, and you won’t find much at fault with it outside what we’ve mentioned here.

If you’ve read all the way to this comma, you owe it to yourself to give this Fine Slot a try. It’s well worth the time required, and it’s not like you didn’t just invest a spell of it on reading a game review. You could have just played the slot you know. It’d cost less than a dime. Just saying.