Winning Waves Slots

For all the surfing hopefuls out there, Winning Waves Slots offers a way to hit the big time without actually being good at the sport. If you love water, money, and can’t actually surf, this is really your best bet to make a buck on the sport, albeit indirectly. We recommend it for everyone, however, beach boys and otherwise!

Premise of The Game

The premise of this fine slot is the ocean if it had seas of coin in it and all other forms of goodness. It is not something often seen in casino games, but it’s nice to have it in front of us, and makes you wish this theme were used a lot more than it is.

Presentation in This Game

Graphics in this great game are well done across the board, sans some features we’ll discuss. Everything is cute, and compelling to look at. The graphics themselves tend to make use of surfboards as the various symbols, which is a creative choice. That doesn’t extend much elsewhere, but is still a nice addition.

The colors used to show what’s on display, however, are flat out horrible. They look like a badly done lottery slip that has not a single place in this otherwise well made game.

Gameplay Mechanics in The Slot

Gameplay in this fine game is mostly winning like the title. At 3 reels and around 5 pay lines, nothing is novel, but then again most games like this play the same.

Betting begins at 10 pennies and climbs to $10, all the way up to the grand total of $50. It’s not all that great in terms of stakes, but neither are the winnings surfers tend to pull in, so it makes some sense.

Liked About The Slot

+ Nice premise and choice of reels + Nice look + Very accessible + Payouts are quick

Disliked About The Slot

- Once you play it, you’re stuck! - Game play features have been done before

Conclusion - Should You Play it?

As you can obviously tell, this fine slot is a game we cherish and can easily suggest for anyone. It mostly wins all around, and will make you wealthier if you’re willing to put time into it. Don’t waste another single second spent not winning! Head on over and give this wonderful winning slot a spin today!