Eastern Dragon Slots

For lovers of money and all things Asia, you have a compelling game ahead of you here. Hop on and ride away in the stream of money!


The premise of this game is vaguely Asian things, China to be precise. It sometimes mixes other parts of the Orient, but it's mostly Chinese. Everything's very red and very golden, which is the give away here. We're not sure why they decide to put Dragon in the title because that's one of the many things that's in this slot the least, but you get what they were after and were trying for.


Graphics here are okay, but not really great. Everything is crisp, clean, colorful, and clever. There's a huge missed opportunity in this game in their lack of using Kanji for the suits of playing cards, but the cards still look okay and are oddly stylized as if they were. We're not sure why they didn't just use real Kanji here. It would have been so much easier and better and prettier.

The user itnerface works really well with the rest of the slot, and we do really like the red and gold colors. It might be a bit much, but it works for us.


Gameplay here is standard and old like the many dynasties the bastardized in this slot. At 5 reels and around 20 pay lines, it does little you haven't seen many times before.

Betting here goes from a penny to $5, all the way up to $200. We loved the really high betting amounts, as we really enjoy taking greater risks in less time and getting the spoils from it.

The bonus mode is called the Eastern Dragon Bonus Feature, which is great, but nothing really different. We mostly appreciate getting more from time to time.


+ Good colorscheme + Mostly decent motif + Solid and classic play styles + Decent winnings


- Should be called 'Vaguely Asian Slots' instead - Gameplay is not new - Can be very addicting


This game isn't going to wow you in any way. It has nothing you haven't seen. And elsewhere this motif has likely been done better. What it does offer, is a competent game that plays and pays decently, and was done with just enough charm to keep things interesting.

If you're okay with this, and have some spare change spinning around, throw it through the bowels of the net at this game. You'll have a good go of it and get a good return on the investment, unless the Dragon steals it, in which case you're done for.