Holiday Feast Slots

They made Thanksgiving into a game, and for that, we are very thankful!


As you would expect, the premise of Holiday Feast Slots is a holiday dinner.


We found the graphics here to be pretty average. For what they are. Everything is well made. The look of it all is crisp, clean, colorful, and holiday themed, making you feel pretty excited when you spin on Thanksgiving, and all fitting together very well. Some will find the look of the slot game trying to be an old school romp with modern graphics a good thing. Other people may find it very under done for their tastes. We personally enjoyed it, and found ourselves loving the inherent honesty of the theme.


this game plays it safe all around. With only around 3 reels, there is nothing to learn, and nothing to see. There are no bonus modes or flying dogs or make believe scenarios to slog through, only good times found in the company of an online digital game. This is part of the time’s appeal, so we are okay with that fact. There is a nice progressive jackpot in store that is always in view for you, harkening back to the dawn of early casino slots that many of them have long since forgotten.


+ Classic styling + Nice festive motif + Decent winning chances + Gold is always great


- Standard look - No attempt to be novel - 3d stylizing are nice but still could have been so muchbetter


The bottom line is that this game is a nice one that does nothing to keep you from firing it up and winning in rapid fire spins. Doing away with themes and elements at times found in other games of this kind, this is a time that gets right to the point, does so immediatley, and rewards players with a decent holiday pay out for the trouble. If you are new to these games, looking for an accessible pastime, or are a vet that is sick of crazy slots that only get in the way of increasing your bank account, this is a game made for you. Any time we gave it a go, we felt really compelled to win that jackpot, which is not usually the case with more complex casino machine games. We really enjoyed our time here, and recommend it to players of all varieties. If you like what you see in those screens, you are in for a big treat!