Mah Jong Madness Slots

Mah Jong Madness slots game is based on another game that was based on yet another game, all going back and being quite old. Taking from the best, and playing like a champ, it’s everything you would want and more, and is a fun time all around for all!


The premise of this slot is the source boardgame you know and love. It’s a classic for a real reason, and a sight to see!


Graphics in this game are good, upbeat, and adorable. Everything you’ll find is clear, respectful, colorful, and great to behold. It feels like a Mah Jong set your great grandma had, or one that you got in Chinatown over vacation because you wanted to be touristy but then had to get something that wasn’t pricey instead.

The UI is just okay, but does take away a slight bit because it did not receive the love and care that went into all else here. Still, that’s a very minor criticism to nice seeming game all around, thanks in no small way to how pretty those Mah Jong tiles truly are.


Gameplay in this game is just like the source boardgame. Sitting around 5 total reels and 20 pay lines overall, it’s as classic as you would likely expect.

Betting here shifts from a penny to $10, topping up and out at $210, which is very decent for what it is.

There’s not much to talk about in terms of bonus modes or anything like that, which is okay, since it pays really fairly and is relaxing.


+ Relaxing Asian style that’s not done much in the slot space + Looks very decent + Solid and classic ways of winning + Decently done winning amounts


- Didn’t work ancient Mah Jong styles of play into the nice gameplay - Bonuses here scant


This is a great and eclectic take on the ancient boardgame in slot going form. It breaks not one record and does not try too terribly hard, but the shear strength of the Asian material is what makes it really shine like gold. If you love the source game, winning money online, and all things Chinese, you’ll have a great go of it here. It’s no zen garden romp, but in slot going parlances, it’s about as close and nearly as calming. Until you start to win, then it’s just all around superior.