The Last King of Egypt Slots

For ancient history buffs, Egyptians themselves, and would be kings, The Last King of Egypt Slots is a game tailor made to fill your wallet with untold riches, if only you’ll put in the time and the dollars to act as tribute.

Premise of this Game

The premise of this fine slot is ancient Egypt. Surprised? We weren’t. Spoiler alert though! But seriously, there are a lot of slots like this one and they all look mostly the same. Picking a specific king doesn’t really add anything new to the premise beyond the vague period setting, which is the larger point to the slot and the way it’s setup.

Presentation in this Game

Graphics here are lowly and low production value across the board. Everything is cracked, clear, colorful, and interesting to look at in the Egyptian style. The images in no small part are copied and taken from elsewhere, which is a bore, and even the UI doesn’t look like it received a lot of attention. The logo is easily the best looking part of the slot, which given how it looks, is certainly not saying much.

Gameplay Mechanics in this Game

Gameplay here is very standard. At only 5 reels and 25 pay lines, it would be hard to be anything but.

Betting here goes from a single penny to $10, going sky high to $250 a spin. That’s a lot, and in line with the riches the King would possess.

The bonus mode represents the dearth of creativity seen elsewhere in the game, titled The Last King of Egypt Bonus.

Liked About this Game

+ Nice motif + Solid style of play + Decent monetary winnings

Disliked About this Game

- Not a lot of effort - Copied and redone affair - Graphics have no charm to them - Gameplay is as old as the premise - Can be a huge Egyptian time sink

Conclusion - Should You Invest in The Last King of Egypt Slots

This is one of the laziest slots in the Egypt themed casino genre. It wins not one award for anything but being vaguely addictive and having good paying potential, which are the only reasons on which we can recommend it. If that sounds nice to you, head on over and give it a go!