La Cucaracha Slots

They took Mexican culture and did it up with style. From dancing to food to the colors themselves, it’s all here to enjoy in slot form, alongside the winnings of course!

Premise of this Dancing Game

The premise of La Cucaracha Slots is Mexico. This could be a recipe for a bad game, but is handled with a nice sense of style that keep things from feeling like they’re bland or making fun of the culture. It’s a big warm hug of Mexican staples and practices, and never leaves you with anything but a grin on your face and a bit of hunger in your belly, depending on how long it’s been since you last ate.

Presentation in this Dancing Game

Graphics here are great. Everything is crispy, clean, colorful, and tasty to look at. The colors are bold and vivid, and the style is unlike any we’re used to finding. The expressions are great too, such as on the Cacti. Everything looks swell, even the cards, which have a bit of design that we appreciate.

Gameplay Mechanics in this Dancing Game

Gameplay in this one is familiarstandard. At the usual 5 reels and 25 pay lines, it does not attempt to be different there.

Betting here dances from a penny to $10, getting big at $250, which is wonderful.

The bonus mode is called the La Cucaracha Bonus mode, which we realize is like to saying “the the bonus mode” if we’re taking the “la” into consideration, but we stand by our decision to describe it as we have.

Liked About this Dancing Game

+ Motif + Colors + Cozy + Mechanics + Payouts

Disliked About this Dancing Game

- Not innovative - Addicting

Conclusion - The Bottom Line on this Dancing Game

This is a game that could have been really horrid, and in all rights likely should have been. Instead, the developers brought things together in a cozy, warm, and fuzzy package that celebrates South American themes in a joking way that you can’t help but grin at. If you’re looking to win some dough and have a love of burritos that we all seem to share, this is a game tailor made for you. Head on over, have a mouthful, and let us know what you think!

No, don’t really bite into the slot. It was a joke. We do that at times. You have to pay close attention!