Love Bugs Slots

For the love birds among us that would rather crawl deep into the soil, Love Bugs Slots is an odd take on a classic genre that pays really well and looks even better. We really loved it, pardon our pun, and think you will too if you have even a spec of heart in your chest. Fly, crawl, or scurry on over and give this game a bunch of spins!

Premise of the Game

The premise of this game is bugs and being in love. Not many insects, despite the UI and what it would tell you, but bugs are here none the less.

Presentation in the Game

We think the graphics in this fine slot are decent for what they had to work with. The critters are crisp, clean, cute, and compelling to see. The colors seem like they were picked with care, and only the UI looks a bit buggy. Everything else looks swell, which the copy and pasted images don't manage to distract too much from.

Gameplay Mechanics in the Game

Gameplay here is nothing too innovative. It's your usual 5 reels and 20 pay lines, and not much about it is all that new.

Betting scurries from a single penny to $10. Maximum bets fly off at $250, which is a big amount for a small insect.

Liked About the Game

+ Solid and classic set of betting amounts + Decent money to be made + Charming + Decently done graphics + Decent aesthetic style + Good motif

Disliked About the Game

- Lite on the titular creepy crawlers for insect lovers - Old schools style is old - This game is pretty addictive!

Conclusion - Is This Game Worth It?

This is a great time that you likely would not have thought to be charming, but it really is. It pays decently and really plays well, making this casino ramp a fast and easy recommendation for us to anyone. If you have ever been in deep feeling for someone you adore, or would like to see what that feeling would be like in practice, get outside and get a girl! Before you do, however, get rich quick playing this game. We promise it will make all that go more smoothly. Both men and women love moolah, and it will increase your odds of finding someone great by many orders of magnitude.