Marvelous Marlins Slots

If you want a fishy game that pays decently and has a lot of love put into it, this one largely fits the bill, provided you are okay with elegant simplicity and large jackpots!


Contrary to what the name implies, the premise of Marvelous Marlins slot is barely there. Fish ‘things’ is what ties it together, and we are not sure why it was named that way. Still, we like fish things, and it ends up working very well in practice, so we have no qualms with that. If anything the simple nature of it keeps things moving quick because you are not stopping to stare at what is happening beyond match mechanics.


We found graphics here are nothing to write home about, but do have a certain simple sort of charisma. The green and maroon scheme go together well, and the nice splashes of a sky blue are also easy on the peepers. The reel images themselves are a little low fi for our tastes, but they do have a nice tattoo look that is admittedly kind of graet. It is not going to wow you with the way that it is presented, but it comes together quite well for what it is.


Thankfully, gameplay here is fast and furious despite the name of the game itself. With only 3 reels and a single pay line, we feel almost strange saying it is a lot of fun, but here we are in the world we are in with this sentence being the real truth. Bets vary from 10 cents to $10, and 3 coins max puts the largest bet at around $50.

The simple nature of the game is the main draw here, keeping things moving rapidly because of how easy it is to keep going with so little happening with every spin. This may put some people out, but we enjoyed it, and found our time better invested in winning than figuring out what all was going on and what all there was to see in a game largely about giving us digital dough.


+ Simplicity + Art + Marlins! + Pace + Winnings


- Nothing

Conclusion — Should You Hop Aboard This Game?

The bottom line is that we feel odd liking this game, but that is the way it is. It is simple to the point of simplistic, but still manages to feel a bit novel and innovative thanks to how convoluted the rest of the casino space has become. With good winnings, a decent rate of them, and nothing to get in your way of winning money as the primary focus, we think this is a good time to be had by all with an odd motif we think would have been more appropriate to title in another way. We recommend giving it a spin immediately, and playing it all through the evening so you can rack up some winnings to share with your best friends, like us.