Win Place or Show Slots

Being one of maybe 2 games at most about riding around on horses and winning money, this one still manages to be sub par, and is for diehard fans only!

Premise of the Show

The premise of Win Place or Show is that horse racing is a thing you should enjoy. It is nice to see this kind of thing presented in a game, barbaric nature of the endeavor not withstanding. We do not have a big problem with the motif, and found it alright for that reason alone, but you should know it is a controversial way to spend your time for a reason.

Presentation in this Fine Slot

Graphics here are not entirely crap but poorly done around the many furry edges. From the jock straps to the specific horses themselves, it’s all crisp, caring, clean, and compelling to look at. There is not much to match as you spin, however, and a bunch of it is just lazy reskins of other typically seen slot stuff. Jockeys have many easy iconic images to put on display in a game like this, so it’s more than a bit sad to see they did not make much of a showing here on that particular end.

Gameplay Mechanics You’ll Be Enjoying

Gameplay across all over is about what you’d expect from a game about sitting on horses. At only 3 reels and 1 solitary pay line, it’s copied and pasted in from other games there.

Betting here begins at 50 solitary cents. Maximum bets race up to $1.50. This is so low it’s painful, but you’ll make it work, we promise!

There are not bonuses or assorted horse dung to speak of when it comes to this game’s modes, but we found we enjoyed the tight style of play instead.

Liked About the Game

+ Unique + Horses! + Winnings!

Disliked About the Game

- Crap graphics - Low bets - Odd play - Addictive

Conclusion - Should You Hop on This Horse?

This is is likely the only horse racing themed slot in all of the casino space. If you are a fan of the motif, it’s your exclusive go to game for that reason. If not, it is still not that bad of game, and mostly does not try all that hard to be great. If you have spare coin and want something truly different, you can do a lot worse than to play this one! Just know that the betting amounts are on the low end, and you’ll be here spinning for a good long while, much like a good race!