Throw, Punt, or Run for a Win in $5 Million Touchdown Slots

Are you ready for football slots? Excitement is in the air as you spin the reels of $5 Million Touchdown Slots. Winning is everything and in this game, you stand to win 15,000 times your chosen coin value!

Spin the Reels for a Win

Footballs, referee whistles, cheerleaders, foam #1 fingers, and players are just a sampling of the many symbols you’ll find in $5 Million Touchdown Slots. The goal post pays the smallest prize of 5 to 75 coins. As you reach some of the upper tier payouts, you’ll find prizes of 3 to 1,500 for the cheerleaders, 3 to 2,000 for the receivers, 3 to 5,000 for the quarterback, and 10 coins all the way to 7,500 for the kicker. The referee is the top dog and pays the whopping 10,000 prize!

The scatter play symbol is also worth up to 5,000 coins, but you’ll like it more as the ticket to free games. Get three or more of these play scatters and win 15 free spins.

Bonus Game with $5 Million Touchdown Slots

Here’s another fun feature. Get the bonus symbol on the second and fourth reel of an active payline and win a trip to the bonus game. A football field covered in targets is shown. Choose a target from the first row and throw the pass. Each completed pass allows you to advance to the next row. Keep throwing until you reach the end of the field or find a “fumble” symbol.

Bets in $5 Million Touchdown Slots range from a penny per payline to $10 per. The video slot has 20 paylines, so activating all paylines costs as little as 20 cents or the maximum of $200. Play $5 Million Touchdown today and see if you can win the top prize that ranges in value from $2,000 to $100,000 depending on your bet.