Fairies Forest Slots

Fairies Forest is a game for the inner child in all of use, or those that simply like that sort of culture which now pervades the bar scene. We imagine that’s the target audience, as kids aren’t supposed to be betting on these! If you’re part of that crowd, get in on this game and win some fairy tale money!

Premise of the Game

This game’s is about cute fair tale imagery in the vague area of some woods. You have seen motifs like this all over the place before, and the theme is pretty much all of those put together with some playing cards. It isn’t at all poorly done, just not as put together as we would have liked, and reminds us a little too much of things you might find at Hot Topic for our style.

Presentation in the Game

The graphics in the game are very decent, but some of them are taken wholesale from elsewhere. It still manages to be clean, clear, and compelling to see. And the illustrations on offer mostly look fine. A lot of the graphics are suits of oldcards, however, which is somewhat grating the more time you spend with it.

Gameplay Mechanics in the Game

Gameplay here is about as standard as the copypasta images. At only 5 reels and 25 pay lines, nothing here is innovative. The bonus mode got lost somewhere in the woods, replaced by the Free Games Mode, but that’s about it. We couldn’t be happier about that point!

Betting here goes from just a single penny to $10. Max bets dance up to $250, very high for a game that looks like what you see here! And high in general.

Liked About the Game

+ Motif + Looks okay in the UI + Payouts

Disliked About the Game

- Borrowed images - Addictive - Standard

Conclusion - Should You Venture Into Fairies Forest Slots?

This is a neat looking game with a nice motif for a niche marketplace largely composed of young girls we would imagine, but we love it none the less. Provided you’re a Hot Topic patron.

Go play it right now! We really do insist.

As you can tell, this game’s a clear winner, and we think you’ll side with that statement if you only stop to give it a chance. We can’t recommend it thoroughly enough, and know you’ll fall in with it, if only you take the time to give it a couple of bets.