Green Meanies Slots

For the Alien lover inside of us that is forever 12, Green Meanies Slots lets you connect with that and money at the same time. What’s not to love about that?

Premise of This Game

The premise of this game is between B film horror and alien TV. It looks the part and has all kinds of hints of alien abduction if you look, which is a nice addition. It tends to the creepy side on the visual look, making for a very different experience than most slots, but we mostly enjoy that part.

Presentation in This Game

Graphics in the game are really nice. Everything is clean, colorful, clever, and compelling to behold. The art looks like they have a kid’s motif to it, which makes for a nice juxtaposition with the rest of the game and it’s premises.

Gameplay Mechanics in This Game

Gameplay here is old and traditional. Being around 5 reels and 25 pay lines, that’s probably what you figured though.

Betting here flies from a penny to the max at $10. Total betting tops off at $250, which is high enough to cause pause!

The bonus mode is called the Green Meanie Feature, winning not a single award for inventive feature names. Still, winnings get higher when you get it, so we’re happy we have it here. Don’t abduct this portion of the game please!

Liked About This Game

+ Unique motif + Great art around the edges + Accessible style of play + Decent jackpots abound

Disliked About This Game

- Gameplay not fit for the motif - Has been done time and again - Some graphics are an afterthought

Conclusion - Is it Worth Playing Green Meanies Slots?

This is is a kid’s look on the Alien adventure genre that was completely fit for people looking to make it big in the slot universe. It pays well and plays fairly decently, and while none of it is going to amaze your socks off, it does what it does just good enough to make it easy enough to tell someone to play.

If you’re a fan of what we’ve just mentioned, have some extra income, and are looking to have it taken in exchange for greater winnings, this is clearly the game for you. Play it at this second, and let us know what you win!