King Tut's Treasure Slots

King Tut's Treasure Slots
This is by no means the best game about the King or Egypt on the net, but it is one at your finger tips that pays well and can be played right now. Give it a chance!

Premise of This Great Game

The premise of King Tut’s Treasure slot game is Egypt. Great King Tutankhamun, to be precise, which we all call King Tut because we have no time for that last name. Were his parents trying to ridicule him? It’s far too length.

Everyone knows him as one of the wealthiest and most famous Pharaoh’s of all time, largely because of the burial site that was found on his behalf, including the half of him that sat there remaining.

Presentation in This Great Game

Graphics here are old school renderings, looking like an old point and click adventure time on your PC, or Resident Evil backdrops on the first Playstation. Everything is crisp, clean, colorful, and compelling to stare at. The textures here are very under done, and likely from old stock settings in whatever program they pegged when making it.

It doesn’t look like crap, just old school, which in this case works given the source material.

Gameplay Mechanics in This Great Game

Gameplay here is decent. At only 3 reels and 1 pay line, you have a game simple enough you can’t get it wrong, which we love.

Betting here jumps from ten pennies to $10. Max bets go up tp $30, which is almost nothing.

There aren’t bonuses, bling, or whistles to be found here, just good times at a fast pace, which we’re okay with.

Liked About This Great Game

+ Nice motif + Okay look in the UI + Solid and classic modes + Decent jackpots

Disliked About This Great Game

- Bad graphics - Gameplay is Old - Can be highly addictive

Conclusion - The Bottom Line on This Great Game

All around this game is a decent, albeit low effort, Egypt game that has a lot of heart despite it’s main character having had his taken out. We think. He’s some kind of mummy, which is the point of the jest. It’s a fun slot that won’t blow you away either way, and we do not regret a single of our spins.

If you’re still reading, stop now! Skip this review and give this game a go. You owe it to yourseves, and to the great King, to give it a go. For every win you receive, he gets to spend another year in that paradise in the afterlife he hoped for. Or you will get richer. It’s one of those two.