Orient Express Slots

Orient Express Slots
Orient Express is the game to beat when it comes to themed games and ones with anything remotely Asian in them. Be warned, it’s hard to play others afterwards, however! It really is that good, well executed, and addictive. Bravo to the devs in all ways, they really made a gem in the genre and broke the mold when they put together this beauty!


The premise of this one is the old tale you likely heard of. This makes for train riding goodness with lots of charisma with every passing spin you make.


Graphics in this one are so great you can hang them above your fireplace. Everything you’ll see is crisp, clever, colorfully put together, and cute. It’s look you are playing a feature length movie with concept art, over the backdrop of a painting from that same thing. Every pixel here is complete perfection, the colors are all pastel with hints of overly saturated hues, and there is not anything we would make different about it in the slightest.


Gameplay in this one is really good. It’s the tried and tested 5 reels and around 21 pay lines, nothing is all that new, but all else is very well made.

Betting here chu chu’s from a penny to $10. Max bets go all out to $210. That’s high as you could ever really want, and we love it.


+ Theme + Style + UI + Innovative + Gameplay + Payouts


- Nothing! - Addictive


This amazing feat that is easily one of our top slots of all time that we have ever had the joy to play. We don’t harp like that too often, but we are willing to with this gem of an experience. It is pretty, fitting, runs away with your heart, pays swell, and you can bet on it as much and little as you’d ever want. It’s the checklist of what to do well in a game of this genre, which they check off at every chance they got. We think you need to play this amazing game, but be warned: it is hard to go back to all others afterwards. This one is so good that it absolutely does makes all the rest of them seem particularly lazy by comparison!

We cannot praise this gem enough. Perfectly done and amazingly executed.