Magic Monkey Slots

A childish game with a lot of punch, this creepy little monkey will have you playing for hours, and winning big while you do!


The premise of this game is somewhat off the trodden path. There is not so much a premise here as there is a monkey, and he is somewhat magic in nature. That is what we see and are told, as he stands on either side of the reels as we spin away. It is the kind of thing fit for a kid’s show, and for some reason in the more adult slot world, this oddly works well. Other magic motif elements round out the presentation, but it is that doodle that ties it and the graphics all together.


Graphics here are not great, but they are not all that bad, either. They are well illustrated in a somewhat newspaper comic way, having a color scheme to match just like the Sunday editions of old that are quickly going out of style. Everything is crisp, clean, colorful, and inviting, but let it be known: the UI is ugly. It does not fit at all the charm of the rest of the slot, and sticks out like a sore set of bananas.

The other elements to be sought fare better, like the cute bananas and hand made dragons that have a lot of charm to them. The suits of cards here feel somewhat odd given the art style, but do not overly minus from the experience.


There is not much that is magical to this game, aside from the progressive jackpot and accessible gameplay. At 5 reels and around 25 paylines, it is a game just as you have become familiar with. Bets can go from just a penny to $250, setting it apart oddly for high risk takers interesting in taking a big bet. This is a weird decision given the art direction, but maybe that owes something to the magical nature of the premise and what is obscured behind the intent of it!

The big pay out occurs if you score the monkeys all in a row, getting 6k multiplied by your bet, which is pretty decent. The dragon also rewards quite admirably, making him a sought after reel as well.


+ Cute artwork + Quirky look to everything + Nice progressive jackpot + Accessibly designed + Bets range a lot


- Standard and play it safe mechanics - Betting range seems overly high


This is an oddly young themed game that seems better fit for the average adult. With a nice progressive jackpot, cute art styles, and odd sense of charisma that comes from combining these, anyone that plays it is in for a good time. Give it a spin this minute, and let us know if you manage to create some magic while you are at it! We swear that stupid little monkey blinked at us.