Million Dollar Rally Slots

If you want a fast way of winning big, this game will do. If you’re looking for a great slot rally slot game, however, you’ll likely be kept wanting as you search for that mouth full of a concept around the internet.


The premise of Million Dollar Rally is the sport of slot rally racing, which most people likely are not largely familiar with. It is a niche time with a cult following of devoted people, making this casino game somewhat hit or miss depending on your particular tastes. We do think it is a fitting motif to use, we just wish they had done this slot with a bit more care.


Graphics in the game are almost well done. Everything from the cars to the racing tracks are crisp, clean fast looking, colorful, and compelling to see go. There is not much about the casino game that’s inventive here, we will say. It all looks kinda average and under done, like someone making the game did not really care about the effort put into it. That is truly a crying shame, as this slot has a wonderful motif that could have a lot of staying power with the well chosen crowd of gamers they picked. Unfortunately, because of this, the game has limited appeal to the tiniest of audiences, as it does not really live out the titular premise so much as merely makes use of it to lure in existing racing and slot rally fans.


Gameplay in the game is overly boring. Being around 5 reels and 5 pay line slot, it doesn’t innovate on that front, either.

Betting here races from a penny to at most $10. Maximum bets are low out at $50, which is really very low, but it will have to be what we bet now won’t it?

There’s not really any manner of enticing bonus modes to write home about in this game, making this as low budget as they could muster.


+ Unique seeming motif + Mechanics at least aren’t borken + Decent winnings potential here


- Doesn’t look very decent - Not at all novel - Missed chance to make a great slot car slot - Gameplay doesn’t match the motif - Like racing, very fast!

Conclusion — Should You Play This Game?

This by all measures is an average time with a premise that had so much potential it does not ultimately manage to see through. The gameplay here is not all that well done despite being admittedly addictive all around, and everything appears like it was phoned in at the last hour. Sometimes plays like that as well. While this isn’t a bad casino game, there are far better racing themed games out there on the market for you to sink your time into as an investment.

Still, if you are a very large fan and like that it has decent rates of pay outs, you can give this one a timely spin. Let us know what you thought of it and ultimately if you hold our views on it after playing it!