Vampire Vixen Slots

For lovers of gothic boobs all over the world, they’ve made a game just for you, copied and pasted from elsewhere, and complete with decent winnings despite not having all that decent graphics!

Premise of the Slot

The premise of Vampire Vixen is a hot goth chick and her giant wolf mut. We’re told she’s likely a vampire vixen, but there’s not much to the idea here beyond her being emo looking. Does that mean all goth chicks are really vampires in disease? We think that unlikely. And we’re not sure how the dog plays into the motif. As it stands, it’s a gothic theme with vaguely dark looks that happens to include the now standard cards in colors unfittingly vivid and happy given the title motif.

Presentation in the Slot

Graphics in this one are very lazy. Everything is crisp, creepy, colorful, and compelling to look into. There aren’t many things to look at, however, mostly being put together of the aforementioned colorful pieces of playing cards. Where there are alternative images that look just swell, but they’re few and far to see here, almost making the graphics themselves feeling like the biggest afterthought.

Gameplay Mechanics in the Slot

Gameplay in this one is mostly standard. At around 5 reels and 25 pay lines, you’ve seen it, just like dark tight dresses.

Betting here flies from a penny to $10, biting all the way up to $250, like a bat in the wind.

The bonus feature has been replaced with their Free Spins mode, which we’re fine with because they usually amount to that anyway.

Liked About the Slot

+ Gothic boobs + Mechanics + Winnings

Disliked About the Slot

- Lazy - Copypasta - Gameplay is done before - Draining

Conclusion - Will This Game Bite You?

This is a poorly done goth girl experience that puts vampire in the headline but fails to draw any blood from you no matter how much you spin and toil with it. If it didn’t play and pay so decently, we’d write it off wholesale. Seeing as it does, we’re willing to give it a decent pass for anyone looking to stare at gothic boobs and win some online coin. If that sounds up your dark alley, head on over and let us know what you made of it!