Triple Rainbow 7's Slots

There is a theme going on at WGS, and it involves the word ‘triple’. How many other games have you spotted from this software developer with triple – or even 7s, for that matter – in the title?

There might be plenty of them, and if you are prepared to give another one a try, we think you might enjoy what you discover in the Triple Rainbow 7s slot. Will there be gold at the end of this rainbow?

Reels and win lines

They’ve gone for a classic game here, which means three reels and one line are what you should expect.

Coin values

WGS is famous by now for giving us a good range of coin options to go with. The lower-betting players will be delighted to see the one-cent minimum in play once more. If you want to wager more, you can increase that value to $10 at most. You might also consider playing two coins rather than one on the line.

Does Triple Rainbow 7s include special icons?

Not all three-reel games feature a wild symbol but this one does. You will see it appearing as the logo for the game. You need only find one on the payline to get a prize, which is nice to know.

However, when you get the wild appearing in a winning line, there are multipliers to be had. Notice we said that in plural. That’s because you get a 3x multiplier whenever one wild pops up in a win. If you should find two wilds in a win, expect to get a 9x multiplier, because the two of them multiply together. That’s great news, don’t you think?

Will you find a bonus or two?

The onus here is on those multipliers, so you may not have expected a bonus feature. If not, you won’t be let down because there isn’t one. It is all about finding one or more wilds to score some nice wins in this game.

Download and start playing the Triple Rainbow 7s slot game now

We liked this game… but then we do like the other triple-themed slots in the WGS collection. If this is the first one you’ve ever heard of, make sure you try it today to see what you think. If you like it, be sure to check out some other similar titles as well.