Big Foot Slots

For fans of the legend, you’ll be left wanting. For fans of money, however, this one’s a hit!

Premise of the Game

The premise of a game like this is obviously the legend of Big Foot. Surprised? We were as well! Spoiler alert I suppose, though that does not work out retroactively. Whoops! That’s on us.

Joking aside, the legend of a giant primate man that ties us back to our early lineage is a storied tale everybody has been on about for years. If there ever was such a beast, it’s surely long since been dead, but that didn’t stop these brave developers for making him into a game.

Presentation in the Forest

Graphics in this fine game are a wonder to look at and have loads of charisma and care we weren’t expecting in a casino game like this one. Everything is cleverly done, clean, hairy, and compelling to see with each pass. There was evidently a lot of love that went into the game, given a variant version on how the tale is usually handled, which we really enjoyed a lot.

Gameplay Mechanics in the Game

Gameplay in this fine slot is as old as the legend itself. Being around 5 reels and around 25 pay lines, nothing here is new, but then again, neither is the man himself.

Betting here runs from a penny to at most $10, giving out around $250 a bet per spin. This is decent, and although not quite legendarily great, it’s pretty close.

Liked About the Game

+ Unique motif + Great imagery + Carefully made + Gameplay is solid + Decent winnings

Disliked About the Game

- Big Foot still elusive - You’ve seen the gameplay - Mildly addictive

Conclusion - The Bottom Line

This is a mystical casino romp in many ways, not the least of which is the big premise. If you love solid play styles with good pay out potentials and a little bit of playful charisma tossed in around the way the motif is treated, then you will fall madly in love with this fine slot. It’s not the greatest slot ever, but it’s the best attempt on the myth we’ve recently come across. Not that there are a whole lot of games about Big Foot out there on the casino world at large.

If you’ve spent this time reading to the very end of this, you owe it to yourself to give this slot a decent chance. We really enjoyed doing so, and feel you will like it too, as will most with at least a sense of heart.